Friday, April 29, 2016

Some Affirmation!

I am an avid Apartment Therapy reader,  i check in a few times a week to make sure there aren't any major home trends i have missed, or compelling stories about bathroom remodels, i also love their hard-hitting pieces on furniture refinishing.  So i was DELIGHTED when they covered the 5 current trends in kitchen design that are likely to still look decent years from now.  Of the five, our design hits about 4, 2 solidly and 2 maybe half way.

1) Glass front cabinets

none of these, i'm afraid - we're doing some open shelves and i'll need all the opaque doors on cabinets i can get to hide the clutter mess.

2) Farmhouse sinks - check!

This is literally our exact sink, i think we picked a different faucet, but it doesn't get more farmhousey than this.

3) Shaker cabinets - half check - our cabinets are a shaker-esque transitional style. not quite the bare-bones simple shaker, but a similar look.

4) Subway tile check - all over please and thank you

5) Dark Cabinets - also a half check.  we are going with a grey cabinet, but they are a nice medium grey - i told you i would say that a lot!- so not exactly a 'dark' cabinet - but closer to what AT is talking about than other things out there.


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