Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Almost Done With Demo

so the demo just about all done - which means we are ready to move on to framing! so exciting to know we are now BUILDING things at the house and not just tearing down.  HOWEVER i will say that seeing the house in it's demolished state was very encouraging.  I really feel i could live there.  When we first looked at the place, and were deciding what scope of work our budget could afford, Jon would often say, "we can live there now" referencing the fact that a person had been living in the home for some time in the state it was in.  well, i never really felt that way.  on the contrary, i feel like i could more easily live in a the house as it is now with these ripped up walls, complete lack of plumbing fixtures and mounds of debris.  All this to say, it's starting to feel like home.

 Opening up the den:

Expanding the master bedroom:

 Opening up the entryway and foyer:


  1. Love the built in. Also, I vote to keep the wood paneling.

    1. yay! i was afraid everyone would think i was crazy for wanting to keep it - the paneling that is - the built-in has more obvious merit.