Monday, April 4, 2016

Final decision - vanity

so, i mentioned the epic search.  i visited dozens thrift stores, scoured craigslist, krrb and other sites for hours.  I wanted to share with you some options we found, to give you an idea of the search.  of all my searching these are the best specimens i could find... each with their own flaws.

 a little small - too many drawers - it's hard to modify a piece that is built of drawers, when cabinets would be easier for the pipes and plumbing - we'd have almost no storage left.

i like the look a lot but in addition to too many drawers, it has a laminate top - not a good look, i want wood.

 also too many drawers and it was a bit short for a vanity

 This one was great, cabinets, right height right width BUT the seller sold it over a year ago and just left it up on Krrb, it's still there NOT COOL!
I saw this in a thrift store and at $75 the price is right, but again, with all the drawers it will have hardy any storage when it's all said and done.

this one was super cute and at $25 in a thrift store an even righter price, but it was only 48" wide, when we have room to go 60" so i passed.

This piece was fun too, in a local vintage shop, but the sides were in bad shape, the owner said it used to be part of a HUGE built-in, so that explains the rough sides - also, we want something with legs.


ultimately, we decide to go with the stock cabinet,  it was't the cheapest option, but it is the most straightforward, the quickest and by far the easiest.

and we picked....


I'm looking forward to lots of storage and bathroom organization!

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