Wednesday, April 27, 2016

our current condo house

As of this morning, our condo is officially on the market!

It's quite a bit nerve racking.  I was thinking the other day that i've never owned anything with the need to re-sell it  - aside from all my etsy merchandise*, of course:).  Everything i buy, i think of myself as the end user and don't really concern myself with someone else wanting to buy it from me. NOW i have to care if someone else will like what i bought or not.  Of course i CARE if people like my clothes or home decor or whatever, but i never had to be terribly concerned with how much they like it.  But buying a house, and then selling a house, you totally have to care.  i am literally looking for someone to validate my purchase to the extent that they themselves want to purchase it.

hopefully it will all go smoothly.  the real estate pics came out pretty good, though obvi i think it's cuter in person.

* i've transitioned most of my etsy to handmade items now.  I'm still selling vintage but now in a brick and mortar location in Andersonville!!!

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