Friday, April 8, 2016

Stairway Lights

Ok, so here are some lighting thoughts i'm thinking.  Each of these are for the stairway and entry/foyer where we need; one wall fixture (sconce), one shorter ceiling fixture, flush mount or otherwise, (ceiling) and one more dynamic fixture (pendant). Each image shows the fixtures, in order left to right of ceiling - pendant - sconce. Also, these all have pretty wildly varying costs, and we ARE trying to be cost conscious, so bear that in mind. Votes? also, you can mix and match! AND keep in mind this is a 1890's farmhouse and we want to keep some of that charm :)





  1. I like #1 but with the pendant from #5 or #6

  2. Oooh, this is hard...I guess I like #3 overall, but I like the pendant from #7. Does it have an Edison bulb? Love those.

  3. i think i may be leaning #1 but with the pendant from #7 - and it would have an edison style bulb.

  4. I like 1 or 3 but 3 doesnt feel very farmhousey

  5. This site has some cool options but they are maybe super expensive.

  6. I like the brown one in #1 - what is the source?

    1. i like that one a lot too! it's from Target, but only available online. They have it in different shapes, too.|pdp|related_prods_vv|pdpv1