Monday, April 11, 2016

there is some bad news...

this is the state of our roof.

photos courtesy of our contractor

But not for long, because as perhaps the images suggest, we will be replacing the roof.  This was not factored into our reno budget.

It had snowed the day of our home inspection so our inspector could not go out on the roof, nor could he see the severe damage.

photo courtesy of our inspector

he COULD however see that the flashing needed to be replaced so that's all we knew.  unfortunately, that's not the only part of the roof that is shit.

the silver lining is that we can pick a new color for the roof.  i don't understand why someone would put a brown roof on a yellow house, like a rotten banana.  my vote - and i'm thinking i'll pick this color a lot throughout this house - is for a medium grey.

I expect it will look just like this when we're done :)

photo courtesy of the internet - this is not our house

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