Sunday, April 3, 2016

Some Real Demo

Here are some fun pictures to check out that show the beginning of the REAL demo in the house.  These pictures show the den and kitchen area.  It's looking so good! There has since been even more progress, so i'll post more pictures SOON.  but for now, check out all the fun holes and debris!

 a fun smorgasbord of wood pieces used to create and insulate this wall ... not so sure that's up to code :), but also, look at that fun wallpaper under the paneling!
 that there is the HUGE tub from the downstairs bath.  so glad it's been removed!
no, we are not planning on having an open concept kitchen and bathroom, but we had to tear down that wall to fix the plumbing and do the electrical.
this wall is coming out and staying out, this is where we are opening the kitchen up to the den.


  1. right! there is so much fun wallpaper behind the walls, i wish it was more salvageable!