Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Light Choices

Thank you all so much for you feedback and suggestions on stair and entry way lighting! it was really helpful to have some thoughts on our ideas and get new ideas and suggestions too!

Jon and i spent all this weekend working on finding finishes for everything.  We looked at tile and carpet and toilets and sinks and lights and i don't even know what else.  Most importantly we settled on a lighting plan.

We decided that for light fixtures we should go the more cost conscious route, as those are really easy to change out ourselves should we ever decide to upgrade or want something different.  We want to spend more of our finishes budget now on things that are harder to change later, like tile.

That said, we have ALMOST every fixture picked out.  We are still deciding on a handful but for now, here are the lights for our house!

Master bedroom and closet - this is about 75% confident. we like the multi-light style for the closet and a small simple fixture for the bedroom.

my office $19.99 - this gets to be 100% my pick and i am sold on the paper lantern fixture

jon's office  $12.99 - this is 100% jon's pick, he likes very simple fixtures

guest room  - we are planning to reuse this fixture from the house. $0.00

bathroom - we'll have the two sconces over the mirror centered on each sink bowl and one ceiling fixture in the middle of the room.

hallway  - we have two matching fixtures among the ones currently in the house that we like, so we will reuse them together in the upstairs hall. $0.00

stairway and foyer - i think we have a final decision here! we like the idea of reusing the same fixtures multiple times in the house for consistency and we both liked this pendant when we saw it in person. It has a nice texture to the cloth around the drum, the black wood accents go with the other black fixtures and we think it's modern enough to fit with our style but not too modern to clash with the house. ALSO it's not a budget buster.

dining room  - i currently have this fixture in my office in our apartment.  I'll swap it out for something from the house we are not keeping, and take this for our dining fixture. $0.00

kitchen - we have all the pendants figured out, we still have to decide what to put in the middle of the room - if we are still doing that - and what to put in the eat-in area of the kitchen.

bathroom  - again, wall sconces, we are not friends.  I really struggled to find a vanity sconce i didn't think was hideous.  This was pretty much it.  This was one of the first picks Jon and i could agree on in the house so it HAS to be. $110

back hallway - we will reuse this fixture form the house. $0.00

den - these seem simple enough and we both like the dark color for what will be a dark and cozy room.

So far it looks like we'll spend $645.65, before tax, on lighting. We still have to figure out a fixture for the kitchen and eat-in area, as well as a few exterior fixtures.  But i think we did pretty good on the budget considering we are lighting an entire house!


  1. Well done! They all look great and I agree that theses are the easiest things to change later. Bravo!

  2. Looks great, and so smart to focus now on things that will be harder to change later!

  3. thanks ladies! we feel good about these.