Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mini update

here is a little update - to keep y'all in the loop.  Things are chaos here with the finishing of projects and the packing of EVERYTHING.  Here are a few quick pics to show you what i mean - with the promise of some real blog posts to come.

testing some spray paint on kitchen brackets - don't worry, this is the primer :)

this is one of the test colors

tile and counter tops in place
painting downstairs has started!

paint in the den, too!

Packing with Poirot

all the art

empty bookcase = full boxes

plants are coming with us

when i feel stressed, i look at this shower, it is beautiful, n'es pas?


  1. Is that your new shower?!? So exciting! So much bigger than your old one! I want to come over now!!! Everything looks great.

  2. Yes - it's the downstairs bath - we will the bathing there on the regular :)