Monday, July 11, 2016

Painting Progess

We spent the weekend painting, and i mean the WHOLE weekend - 11 hours Saturday and 9 hours Sunday.  Fortunatrely we had some helpers to make it all easier.

Teamwork in my office

Ewa working hard - and even came back Sunday to do MORE

I'll write up a whole post on the colors we choose and how we picked them - but for for now here are some sneak peaks.  We hired professionals to do the down stairs - 10ft ceilings no thank you - so our goal was to make a significant dent in the upstairs before moving in TUESDAY!

Right now i'd estimate that the upstairs is about 60% done.  here is the break down of each room, from back of the house to the front.

master bed room and closet - 90% = we still have to do the doors and window trim - and i may need to break down and do a second coat of ceiling paint in the closet, but the walls only need minimal touch ups and the baseboards are done

here is our nice neat arbitrary ceiling line
my office - 95% = just door and window trim - walls may need a few touch-ups but they have 2 coats and the baseboard is done.

bathroom - 95% = still door and window trim,  walls have 2 coats and baseboards are done.

another arbitrary ceiling line

jon's office - 60% = walls have a good first coat - i don't know if it needs a second - but there is also cutting in left to do. The baseboards are not touched yet and the doors and window trim are left to do. Also, this room has a small coved crown molding so that's some time consuming detail work.

spare room - 60% = it could use a second coat  perhaps, or maybe just significant touch ups , also we need to finish the edging, do base boards and hit the crown molding, doors and window trim.

Hallway 25% = we only really started a fist coat of wall paint, we figured that we could easy do this after we move in because there won't be furniture there to move out of the way - also it could get scuffed in the move so it would look best to do that after anyway - this also needs all doors, crown molding and baseboards to be painted.

All in all it isn't  done but i feel ok moving in - TOMORROW!

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