Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mirror Options

Jon was out of town this weekend, and gave me leave to make the mirror decision myself, so i spent the time focused on finding some solutions.  I hit up HomeGoods and a few thrift shops in search. Here is what i found.

In the end, i took this one home.

I thought the shape was nice and i really like the wooden frame.  The size may not actually work for either bathroom, but i think we can find somewhere in the house to make it work. It was also on clearance and can be returned if it really doesn't work.

I also picked up this vintage one at the thrift store, that is a good Plan B for downstairs. It is hefty and solidly made. And if i do find a better Plan A, i can certainly put it in my shop space, as i'm sure others would like it too. 

For upstairs i was thinking we could have some fun with an old dresser mirror.  Something like this

 or this

and i found a pretty great option, but is was only 38" wide and with a 60" vanity, i just don't think that will work,  i really need something at least 45"- 50" to make the look work.

I also popped into Target after seeing this option online.

I think a pair of 2 could work upstairs. There are some mixed user reviews, some say the frame looks cheap and others claim the reflections is distorted, but i didn't find either of those concerns to be the case.  I picked up a pair as a 1st choice back up for upstairs, in case i can't find the perfect vintage option of my dreams.

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