Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Prior to Moving In

here's a nice little photo dump before we move in - this is the calm before the box-filled storm.

The project isn't finished - i mean, is any house ever really FINISHED, but our contractor isn't done with everything - however it's done enough for us to move in TODAY!

they put paper down for the movers - we also still have to repaint that wall to the right of the door - it needed more evening out after the painters had gotten to it. 

foyer light fixture is in! we'll paint that closet door after we move in.

the last remnant of the living room green color - also a pile of spindles for the as-yet-unbuilt banister. 

That light fixture was formerly in my office closet 

a few more details left to do in the kitchen - like install the open shelves and finish the trim on the cabinets

that dishwasher is going back - it arrived with more dents than we anticipated - so we'll have a few days without a dishwasher

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