Monday, July 25, 2016

Hanging Art

This weekend some talented and helpful friends came over to start hanging artwork in the house.  It is probably one of the biggest steps in making a house feel like a home.  It was also really fun to see our art in a new context and hang it in new places.

Here is the view from the front entrance of the house.

Also this small piece from Alyce is near the front door.

the paper mache rhino head is again in the foyer.  I still have a few touch ups to do to the built in so don't look too closely.

In the living room:

I think we found a nice spot for Mrs. Bond's print.

This wood panel painting is probably Jon's favorite of our collection.  I had originally tried to hang a nice Patti Smith poster print there, but it's not his cup of tea so we switched it.

At first we just hung the print in this spot in the dining room, but on further experimentation, Alyce and i felt the space could use another piece, and we all really liked this doll shards piece, so it went above.

This pair of prints in the dining room was also made by a friend, Jessica.

This print went in the open area of the kitchen.

And this big poster was the right fit for the big blank wall in the kitchen.

the wooden shelves are scheduled to go up this afternoon!
 In the den

This mirror works by the back door, but i may have to flip it vertical...

It's a bit too high for me to actually see myself.

Back hall way - this piece can be seen from the dining room, the the frame plays well with the frame of the bathroom mirror.

In the downstairs bathroom - there was an opinion that architectural pieces go well in bathrooms...

... so we stuck to that theme.

There is still much more to do, and unpack.  i am really looking forward to getting dishes on the kitchen shelves!


  1. Wow...everything looks all the wall colors, too

  2. thanks! i still plan to write post on our paint color selections!