Friday, July 15, 2016

Light Times

There are some highs and lows in the lighting situation.  First the highs

these lights i wanted to save from the house

i cleaned up the glass and bought a replacement fixture to go with them.  

they look great in the upsatirs hallway!

medium low: Our electrician was having trouble with the kitchen pendants we picked.  

He insisted that the socket plate was not the right size for a standard american light fixture.  i spent over an hour calling Ikea and they has no idea what i was talking about, saying that they are the right size.  our electrician can be hard to understand, he has a thick accent and very limited English so communicating isn't always easy, so i may have misunderstood.  at any rate, our contractor assures us they can get them in, but it will have to wait until after the final inspection. 

mega lows: 

This bathroom vanity light i finally resigned myself too - i don't like 99% of bathroom vanities and finally found one i can more than tolerate... well, the hole they cut for the fixture is too high.  The electrician had to install it with the bulbs facing downward - so now the lighting is really harsh and you can see a bit of the exposed bulbs.  

i hate it.  i was going to try to get over it - but jon hates it too.  We will first see if they can install it the way it is meant to be hung - if it is indeed too close to the ceiling to work.  if that doesn't go well, we will be picking something else - something that is designed to hang down. 

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  1. Hmmmmm, I had to go look at my bathroom lights...they hang down, too. Can you replace the bulbs with something softer? Either a lower wattage or those pink bulbs or those ones that are sort of shaded?.