Thursday, July 14, 2016

so moved

Tuesday was moving day.  lucky for us all it was about 95 degrees with 95% humidity - GROSS

the movers were not fans of our 4 flights of stairs.  They arrived at 9 am and complaints of the stairs promptly commenced at 9:23 am.  I stopped listening after a while.  there's only so many times i can say, "I'm sorry" for the structure of a building i didn't even build.  ALSO i lived there for 5 years so i know exactly how many stairs there are.

2 hours into loading

Kvetching aside, the team of movers were amazingly hard working and did an excellent job of getting everything out of our apartment.  I used this same company before, to move into the condo and would use them again without hesitation.

That said, we own a TON of stuff and with the stairs and the heat it took 4 men 7 hours to load up the truck.

They even took some things down the side of the building from our balcony.  I seriously thought they were joking when i overheard them discuss it, but then the next thing i knew the patio table was on a strap hanging off the railing.

When they did our living room sofa that way i couldn't watch,  this was as close as i could handle getting #heatattack.

Once at the new house, at about 4:30 /5pm - it only took about 2-3 hours to get everything unloaded and placed in the house.

The only real unpacking we did was to get the bed together and collapse onto it.

We are exhausted and surrounded by boxes upon boxes.  I am looking forward to lessening the chaos, so we can finish up projects soon.


  1. And so you can take more pictures!! Poor movers...did you get them some cold beers?

    1. we bought them Byron's for lunch