Monday, June 13, 2016

Bobby Brackets!

This post is actually about shelf brackets for the kitchen, but i felt compelled to name it after this mockumentary series Jon and his friend Drew (featured dancer in the Welcome to My House video) make every year in honor of the final 4 tournament. (Video below)

So for our kitchen we will have one full wall of nice open shelving.  It's a design decision we both quickly settled on, for it's ease of use AND opportunities for decorating.  We are fortunate to know an awesome woodworker, Gabe,  who will be custom making the shelves for us.  We were briefly undecided about how rustic v. industrial v. modern to go with the look and finally settled on modern.  We will have rich walnut shelves that will be about 1" thick.  SO not super chunky or bulky - more city mouse than farmhouse, if you will.

To go with that decision, we have to choose brackets to go with them.  NOW the whole time we've been planning our kitchen we were thinking of black brackets - to match the black hardware we picked for our ikea cabinets.

Gabe had suggested having custom brackets made, and we did consider it because CUSTOM!, but found that we also liked the look of many mass produced brackets easily available.

these are readily available at Home Depot

BUT then i had a moment, flipped a switch in my brain, and decided we should do brass hardware in the kitchen.

I just imagined the brass with the gray base cabinets and I think it will be a softer look, a bit more lux than rustic AND bring out the touches of brass in our chosen kitchen light fixtures.

And so began a hunt for brass brackets. Harder than it sounds! You'd think with the millions of different black brackets available everywhere there would be an equal number of brass options, or at least i did.  Not the case.  I found a handful of options i like the look of:





It is really hard to find something in brass that is not CRAZY ornate! I've been leaning toward A, but Jon was unsure that it would be sturdy enough for our shelves.  He ran them by Gabe and he thinks they may be a viable option.  So it's looking like i will charge ahead and order them, hoping that they will work. I think D is our second choice.  It's probably the priciest, and reviews have complained that the accompanying screws are worthless, but the bracket itself looks good.

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