Friday, June 17, 2016

Mirror Hunt!

OMG it is hard to find a bathroom mirror!  I mean, i'm only looking for something spectacular, unique, fun, classy, period-appropriate and functional - why should that be so hard?

ok, so i am perhaps being overly particular about this selection but i strongly feel that in BOTH of our bathrooms we have made simple, elegant, classic selections for all the things like tile, faucets, vanity, light fixtures etc.
Upstairs Bath

Downstairs Bath
the MIRROR has an opportunity to show some personality and be some decoration, so i don't just want some builder basic wall sized sheet of reflective glass.  I'm looking for character.

I've been scouring craigslist, rummage sales and estate sales and am still empty handed.  There were several good prospects at a sale out in Park Ridge last week, but by the time i got there, they were all gone - i did get a few cute pieces for the shop though, so the drive out wasn't totally worthless.

I am really on a hunt for a vintage piece - or, more specifically, 3 vintage pieces.  But if anyone has suggestions on a retail option that could fit the bill, i am all ears!


  1. Ugh, I am with you. I fantasized about a new mirror in my old second bath for the whole five years we lived there. Never found it.

  2. yeah this may be one of those things i am always kind of looking for, even though i have something that fills the gap - like my blue living room chairs i've been looking to replace since i bought them

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