Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So About That Sink...

It's the one i used a dozen times in the tile planning mood boards

pretty, yes? it's a vintage Thomas Maddock sink that i found for a STEAL on craigslist.  It was going for $50 when ones on 1st dibs and other fancy resale sites were in the hundreds of dollars.

any hoodle i liked it, i wanted it and it would have been perfectly period appropriate and in keeping with our effort to make the bathroom look like a real 1900's hospital.

at any rate - spoiler alert - it was not to be.  As it goes with most craigslist posts, it's a better idea than reality.  Turns out the sink and pedestal were welded and/or corroded together - not a good sign.  and i would have had to haul it down 3 flights of stairs myself (b/c the only pick up they could do was when Jon was at work), from an apartment on the far south side of the city, so a bit of a hike away.  In the end, we decided that it was for the best to let it go, and find something in a shinny new sink that has the look and feel of a vintage piece.

I am loving this kohler one.  probably largely because kohler has an amazing ceramic residency at their Wisconsin factory that is the distant dream of every professional and amateur ceramicist on the planet.  also it looks good.


i also like this one, which is more reasonably priced.


 but jon thinks the extra $115 isn't worth it.  especially since his favorite one is under $200.

It took some effort to convince him that the $215 one was better so my hope of getting him to sign off on a $330 sink wanes. ALSO - user reviews are much more positive for the $215 sink, so that may make me change my mind.

It's not like i'm pushing for this $750 one though, so i'm not totally crazy
(however i also love the $750 so i'm maybe a little crazy)


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  1. You know so much about sinks! I will never be able to do this.