Thursday, May 19, 2016

Progress Update

It's been awhile since i gave a progress update - with a bunch of progress pics - so here it is! You'll see a lot of open walls where electrical work is being done and a few widened doorways as well as a good amount of construction accouterments and Jon popping in and out of the frame.
This is the eat-in side of the kitchen with a view to the living room and dining room
here is jon in the kitchen, standing about where the sink was in the old pictures

another view of the kitchen - now open to the eat-in area that was a bedroom

This is the view from the back of the den - it's now more open to the kitchen and you can see a bit into the living room and dining room
View from the kitchen facing the den - basically a reverse of the above pic

In the living room - looking back towards the dining area and the kitchen and den
the entry and foyer - this is what you'll see first when you come visit - if you come in the front door.
standing in the living room, facing the foyer
looking behind me down the stairs

this will be Jon's office

the front bedroom
the upstairs bath - from the same angle as the old pics
view into our bed room - jon is standing in the closet
i saved the best for last - they have started laying tile! this is the shower floor in the 1st floor bath - looking good!


  1. Thanx for the update...I'm having trouble picturing it all, tho. Looks like very high ceilings, yes?

  2. Oh yeah, 10' on the first floor.