Thursday, May 12, 2016

Permit Update

So, we finally settled on our permit solution.  No fun or funny story here.  We just bit the bullet and ended up getting a simple repair/replace permit.  our job is a little complicated in that we are doing extensive revisions, but we aren't moving any mechanicals, or adding any plumbing - we are really just updating the existing.  BUT we are updating ALL the existing, which is a big job.  There was some initial debate if we would need a full permit because it is such a big job, even though the actual work falls within the standards of a repair/replace permit.

In the end, we went with the simpler permit.  I finally picked it up last week and taped it to the front window.  It's official, our project is official.

Our expediter recommended only taping a copy to the window and keeping the original elsewhere.  Not sure why, but i did what she said anyway.  So here is my ultra secret hiding place where i have the original - that i am revealing to the internet.

I still had my shades on, but this time it was not quite as cold - and i had to drive to west town to pick it up, rather than metra to the loop. 

I also could not resist checking out my fave thrift stores in the area and found this fun chair to add to my new shop inventory.   So it was win-win-win.

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