Thursday, March 3, 2016

Permit Problems

gah! permits are the worst!

that is all

well, not exactly all.  Friday we met with our architect and our general contractor to have a walk-though before embarking on the project. It went really well and we were all feeling pretty good.  Jon and i were hopeful that we would be able to complete the project with just simple permits pulled by sub-contractors (electricians get electric permits, plumbers get pluming permits, etc.) because we aren't totally gutting the building, not adding any bathrooms, or building an addition, just refinishing surfaces and replacing fixtures in the same place.

WELL, we found out from our GC that we will in fact need a full permit for the project.  We are knocking down a few walls and moving some doorways around so it will be a significant project. This all means we need to submit full drawings to the city and it can take several weeks for them to review and approve the project.  So right now we are just waiting to hear what we need for city approval and we'll be working to get that all taken care of quickly.


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