Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Doing Demo - Progress So Far

To save some money, and let's be real, have some fun, we are doing a portion of the demolition for the renovation ourselves.  We figured we could tackle some easier and more obvious projects that don't really threaten the structural stability of the home, or risk damaging anything too valuable or hard to repair.


Jon and some pals made quick work of ripping out all the GROSS carpets upstairs.  For serious, those carpets were DISGUSTING.  We are talking cat pee soaked carpets and padding, and baseboards. Needless to say, there was lots of trash on that day.  But it's all out now, and the smell is almost completely gone.


For me, this was the most satisfying demo, probably because it was the one i was involved in the most.  Learning how to remove a toilet and sink was easier than i thought, even when i had to make a hardware store run in the middle to pick up a hack saw and a larger wrench. Also, tearing up the old linoleum layers was satisfying too.  it already feels like a cleaner  and more functional space in this blank state than it did before.


Jon and friends really rocked this demo.  It was hard work but they got out all the cabinets and appliances, as well as the wall tile.  this space is looking much better already.  AND he even made some cash on selling the appliances, i am astounded!

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