Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Things are still happening!!!

Sorry i've taken such a long break from house updates! things are still moving along and there are several more updates to give.

We took a break from house work and went on an amazing vacation to Greece.  We wanted to get away and celebrate the 17 month long process of house hunting, house buying, and house renovating. Here are some pics from our trip!

Our first meal in Milos

on our amazing terrace

seriously, this room was incredible

shower with a view

we could see the whole town of Pollonia as well as neighboring islands from our room

this is where i would relax and read every morning #thanksjetlag

we walked to a vineyard to taste some wine

the hotel had an amazing pottery display, custom designed by the architect

pool view

more wine in Milos #4eurohalfliter

we went to 5 beaches in one day and i was feeling too much sun :)

yummy salad with a sea view

seeing some artifacts in Plaka, Milos

our hotel in Sifnos

we rented a boat for a day in Sifnos

walking around the beautiful town of Artimonas and Appolnia in Sifnos

another amazing salad

back in Athens we went to the Acropolis

Scrippsie at the Temple of Athena
in small news, we've done some decorating for Halloween and finally installed a handrail in the stairs - or rather hired my handy friend to install it :)

also, we are starting to 'break ground' on the scary basement.  that is the major reno project in the works.

also, somewhat house related - we have a puppy! i'll give a quick tour of how we set up our home to welcome her.

She is the best sweetest pup ever!


  1. Great photos of Greece...makes me hungry for really good tomatoes and cucumber

    1. it's so good when they are well grown!