Saturday, August 6, 2016

inside update

we are much more moved in now.  about 99.9% of our stuff is unpacked and placed where it belongs. The real accomplishment of the week was that we cleared out the garage enough for us to get both our cars in. It's still a mess - maybe i'll take a picture of it some day for you - but they are in and the door closes so i'm satisfied.

At any rate, i know the masses have been wanting more pictures of the place so, here are the photos you've been waiting for Mom!

view from the front door in the foyer

living room - perhaps i should have straightened up before taking these - oh well! it's more accurate this way 
Lamby's spot

Dining Room

bar cabinet corner - don't know why that's out of focus - sorry

kitchen - they just put in all those pendant lights THURSDAY, this pic was taken right after installation

Den - this room still has a few piles of things to move and or get rid of

view from the kitchen into the den
back through the foyer - on my way upstairs

a peak in Jon's office

a peak in my office
the bathroom

the little nook in the bathroom

view to the hall from the bathroom

hallway artwork

our bedroom

in our closet

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